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How to choose the best event destination

How to choose the best event destination? Most companies have this question when starting to organize an event or congress. It is not only about picking the right dates, preparing invitations and finding the right guest speakers. The destination is just as important. To help you with this we have made a checklist for the…

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Unique Meeting venues in Amsterdam 

In this article, we would like to highlight a few unique meetings venues in our country. Being based in the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, we would like to start with meeting venues in Amsterdam. The following venues are all well-known by EVENTÔIR as we have had proper site inspections, and furthermore, even organized great…

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The importance of organizing a Sustainable Meeting

Sustainability has been a highly discussed topic in many industries. Therefore, numerous companies and even individuals embrace the importance of taking care of this one planet we are living on. Thus, creating a more sustainable way of working will not only save our planet but it will also build a better environment for all the…

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Incentive in Lebanon

Lebanon is a small and densely populated country, located at the Meditteranean coast of the Middle East. It is well-known for its many cedar trees, white mountain tops, lovely beaches, century-old culture, historic cities. And not to forget the bustling city of Beirut. But Lebanon is also famous for its widely acclaimed cuisine and exquisite…

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