75th-Anniversary celebration

EVENTÔIR was approached by a Japanese electronics company that is based in the Netherlands. We were asked to organize a corporate event for their 75th-anniversary celebration. For that, they wanted to host a fun and memorable event for its employees. Thus, by having a gala dinner at a special location, they were planning on thanking their employees for their hard work during the years. Every employee was allowed to bring an additional guest to the event, which was situated in the Arendshoeve, the garden of Amsterdam in Aalsmeer. This is a perfect location to organize fantastic and unforgettable corporate events.

Finally, this event asked for the arrangement of a venue, entertainment, a program, catering, and on-site event coordination.


The Arendshoeve – the garden of Amsterdam

The Arendshoeve is a very exceptional event location whose vision is to create an experience of sustainable, and positive influences. They want to offer green experiences, having been a greenhouse that still showcases a beautiful collection of plants and flowers. Furthermore, it has a capacity of up to 1000 people, and it is a unique venue to have corporate events, get-togethers, but also, for instance, an anniversary celebration.

Some sustainable investments:

  • Organizing environmental-friendly events that have the least possible impact on the environment.
  • A CO2 cable was installed to make use of the CO2 of the composting, which in return affects the growth of the plants positively.
  • Plants are watered with rainwater, which is collected in the water basin. This way no drinking water is used.
  • Waste separation during events.
  • Creating local jobs for people older than 65.

So, due to the venue being green and putting an emphasis on being sustainable, we are always happy to work with this location. EVENTÔIR embraces and plans green events, and gives special importance to sustainability. Therefore, we are always trying to find new event ideas and locations that do not negatively impact the environment.

First of all, the venue was decorated with plants and flowers in the color of the company, thus red and white. Second of all, It was split up into three areas, which were the reception, the plenary and the dining area. The guests were able to enjoy a diverse Japanese entertainment during the evening.

The start of the evening

Burning torches were placed in front of the entrance. Above all, the inside was equipt with tropical plants, and, the reception area was beautifully decorated with hanging flowers in the colors of the company. The guests were welcomed with a glass of prosecco to kickstart the evening. You could hear great music playing next to the people mingling. They were able to see into which team they were put for the quiz that was about to start later in the plenary area.

Sake Barrel ceremony

During the welcome drinks, Geisha’s entered and they accompanied the guests to the plenary area. Twelve big tables were already prepared with numbers of the teams so that people could sit down at their assigned table for the quiz. Furthermore, there was a stage with colorful flowers, a pond in front of it that was decorated with candles, and red and white flowers, as well.

Next, the founder of the company had a speech and welcomed everyone to this magnificent event of this 75th-anniversary celebration. In the meantime, he showed a movie that was especially done for this evening. The program of the night was shown right after.

He then turned towards a special barrel that was next to him, which most guests had not seen up until this point. Consequently, he explained a Japanese tradition – Kagami Biraki. During that ceremony, a barrel full of sake is smashed with a special wooden hammer that is decorated with Japanese lucky spells. After breaking the barrel, the people received a glass of sake to toast with it.

Two lucky guests were chosen from the audience to break this barrel. Note that for this ceremony, a real Japanese master of ceremonies was present to make sure everything was explained and done the right way. He demonstrated the way of doing it to the two chosen ones, right before they broke the barrel. As a matter of fact, it was an incredible and unforgettable way to start the evening. The Geisha’s then filled a couple of cups with sake for the people on stage. Afterward, they filled some more cups that had the logo of the company, so that everyone could toast together. After the sake barrel ceremony, the master of ceremonies did a traditional Japanese dance.

World Famous quiz

The guests were still surprised about the first act. Little did they know what would happen after. The stage was cleared for the next act, which was a Taiko drum performance. Taiko is the name for a broad range of Japanese percussion instruments. Thus, the Taiko Drum performance is one that is filled with pure energy! It’s thumping sounds are a powerful means to attract attention. The show with the Taiko drums was another great and memorable point of this anniversary celebration.

After the performances, the quiz started. Hence, it had four rounds including questions about the company and famous brands from Japan. The Geisha’s helped to hand out and to pick up papers during the quiz.


After the quiz, the guests went back to the reception area where they could have some drinks and some snacks before dinner was served. During the aperitif, the guests were able to enjoy another session of the taiko drum performance.

Wonderful dinner

After the taiko drum performance, the dining area was opened and the guests were led to the new area by the Geishas. Notably, this area was fully decorated in white, with white hanging flowers. A Japanese pianist welcomed all the guests with beautiful music, when entering the dining area. During the dinner, he played two sessions of classical and Japanese music. The piano was a perfect way to accompany the delicious 3-course dinner.

At the end of the dinner, the winners of the quiz were announced. In addition, the top 3 received a trophy, which was a perfect way to end the evening. Finally, all the other guests also received a small white plant during departure.

After all, this was a very nice way to enjoy the company’s anniversary celebration.


We had a wonderful 75th Anniversary celebration thanks to Jacqueline and Rianne of EVENTÔIR. They are a  great team to work with and put together a very diverse evening for us. Most important, our staff members highly enjoyed this memorable event.

– Electric components manufacturer – Marketing communications manager