Anniversary Celebration In The Netherlands

Anniversary celebration of an international company – The real Dutch experience

Once again, EVENTÔIR got to organize a 4-day event for an international company, looking to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in the Netherlands.

The challenge? The trip had to represent the real Dutch experience. EVENTÔIR is a Dutch-based company. Therefore, it was a challenge we were happy to take on!


Day 1:

The delegates flew in from China, Poland, Spain, the UK, and the US, to name a few. For their 10-year anniversary celebration, the company had invited a total of 80 people, mostly the top working employees from the offices abroad.

To give them the real Dutch experience, Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg was the perfect place to stay for this long company trip. There, you can go on a discovery tour and explore the classic country house or the charming English estate garden. The rooms are all designed with carefully picked details and they all have a warm, luxurious interior. That way they made sure that every guest feels at home when staying at this country estate, or “Landgoed”, how the Dutch call it.

The company held its meetings during the day and in the evening, a welcome dinner awaited the guests. Delicious food, good wine and great conversations to end this first day in the Netherlands.

Day 2:

Having had a good night sleep, the guests were able to enjoy a great day at the beautiful Landgoed. Some meetings were planned, but the highlight was definitely an abundant barbeque at Bloomingdale beach. The attendees were blessed with lovely weather. The sun was shining, the drinks kept on coming, the DJ played some great hits and the people were having an amazing time.

Day 3:

On Sunday, the Gala night was organized to richly celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the company. Gala dresses and suits, everywhere you look. A magical night for every attendee, including a delicious dinner, speeches, toasts, drinks, and an excess of dancing.

Day 4:

After an amazing gala night, the guests woke up to a day filled with activities, before being brought back to the airport. Everyone was excitingly talking about the exceptional 10-year anniversary celebration they had. They left the country with a positive feeling and a lot of memories to tell their family and friends.

© Chantalle Laurent Photography


“The entire event was great and successful. The location and service of the venue was really good, all our employees were very satisfied. Thank you very much again!”- CEO 


  •  Staff for on site event coordination

  • hotel contracting

  • Venue sourcing

  • Dinner & DJ