Car rally event in de Veluwe - a unique corporate event

A lighter company approached us to come up with a unique experience for their annual client event. As it is organized every year it is quite a challenge to outperform the past year’s event, as this incentive is organized yearly to maintain a good relationship. This specific event’s objective was to reward the top partners.

The invitees were mainly owners or managers of petrol stations or book shops. The invitees were allowed to bring an additional guest.

EVENTÔIR came up with a unique experience for the selected partners and the VIPs. The selected partners had a classical car rally event with authentic Mini Coopers in the Veluwe region, a forest-rich ridge of hills in the Netherlands. The participants carried out several challenges as they drove through beautiful landscapes. The VIPS drove towards the airport Teuge. This is where the next spectacular part of the day took place: they flew in a Cessna!

The group of people invited to this event was divided into two groups.

One was with the selected partners and the other with the VIP partners. Our challenge was to create a program that both groups would enjoy equally. Moreover, the VIP partners got an additional unique experience on top of the usual program.

To ensure that our client was happy with the event, we delivered a plan with different options to choose from. Thus, he chose for the Fly & Drive and the car rally.

Hence, for this event we needed a great venue for the attendees to come together and enjoy some fun and unique activities. Lastly, the invitees also got the sustainable join the pipe bottle, which they could fill up at any time during the event and take home as a nice souvenir that will always make them think of this magnificent day.


Plan of the day

Each group had 2 activities on their program. First, they attended a presentation that included an activity on the location and second, the selected partners got to do a car rally through the veluwe and the VIP partners went for the Fly & Drive experience.

The location for this event was the incredible hotel Bilderberg t’ Speulderbos 

The attendees all arrived at the hotel in the morning where they were welcomed and the program was explained.

Car rally event

A part of the selected partners started with the first part of the car rally event. The car rally is a competition through the Veluwe in authentic vehicles, for instance, Minis, Trabants, and Ducks. During this rally, the group had to complete different challenges.

For this, the group was divided into different teams. The goal was to win the competition by traveling an exact number of kilometers, but also having the best driving time, next to the usual rally tests. Many things to think of! But it gets even more involved. In each team, one person had the sole responsibility to drive and the other one to give correct driving instructions from the roadbook. This roadbook explains the assignments and at which checkpoints they need to be completed. Thus, the teams encountered many challenges along the way, for example, park the car while being blindfolded! They needed a perfect combination of teamwork, commitment, and concentration to win this tough challenge.


The second part, that both the selected partners and VIP partners did, was “klootschieten”. Again the group was divided into teams to compete against each other. Klootschieten is a ball sport that dates back to the year 1200. It is a very popular sport in the Veluwe, where the participants have to throw the kloot, which is a wooden ball filled with lead, as far as possible. Whoever throws the least far, gets another turn, until the ball lands further than the other group’s ball. Thus, the team that has the lowest number of thrown wins the game! This was all explained in the hotel, as the participants had to go into the woods to play it afterward.

Fly & Drive

The VIP partners received an additional unique experience this day. The VIP partners did a rally with Mini Coopers, Trabants, and Ducks. But their special assignment was flying in a Cessna. At the beginning of the day, they got a brief explanation about the operations but also the division of the teams. The rally started from the same location as the selected partners, however, the VIP partners did not know their end destination, as it was still a surprise.

The group drove through the Veluwe in an authentic vehicle, as the teams were competing against each other by finishing the different challenges as fast as possible. Their road book also explained the directions, but the end route was still no revealed yet. Their directions were bringing them closer to the airport Teuge. This is where the highlight for this group took place. The VIP partners flew in a Cessna! They all got in the planes in groups of 3, where they had to do navigation assignments in the air.

This was an activity that most of the invitees had never done before. It was a very unique experience and, for some, this was a once in a life-time experience. The VIP partners felt very special and important.

Hotel t’Speulderbos

The hotel was the location where the group was welcomed and where they started their challenges. This accommodation offers a uniquely charming atmosphere combined with luxury. Being located in a very tranquil setting, it is the perfect getaway for individuals but also for company trips. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is in the middle of the forest. The group was able to enjoy a delicious lunch with great views in between the two parts of the programs. At the end of the day, the winners were announced back at the hotel again. Everyone was smiling and talking about their experiences and what they had just encountered. It was a lovely and unforgettable day.


“Every detail has been well thought and planned. I was happy to give full confidence to the team that has thought of every detail to make this day perfect for my clients. The activities were different from what we could experience in day-to-day life. I truly recommend working with them!”

– Lighter company – Product Manager Assistant Lighters & Shavers