Incentive in Lisbon

Incentive in Lisbon

An international publishing company hired us to organize a 2-day incentive in Lisbon.

Flying in their 30 most important clients from Europe, our task was to plan enjoyable activities and a memorable dining experience.


Jeep Tour

All the guests arrived at the Marriot Hotel in Lisbon, where the company stayed during their incentive in Lisbon and held their meetings during the day. At 16:30 they were picked up by Jeeps and taken to an exciting journey towards Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On this Jeep tour, they saw the ancient roads and some secrets and mysteries of Sintra. Furthermore, the beautiful scenery and nature with Sintra’s mountains and its romantic village were followed by the fairy tale palaces it has to offer. No wonder it has always been a place of inspiration for well-known writers and artists.

Next, they drove to Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost point of Europe, as it gives a spectacular view to admire the Portuguese coastline. The villages of Cascais and Estoril were also visited, to cherish the sandy beaches and look at the medieval houses.

The jeep stopped at several locations. Adega Viuva Gomes, for instance, is a truly historic wine cellar, where the guests got to taste the wines of the region.

The dining experience

After an amazing tour with many stories told and several new impressions, the guests were brought to a restaurant. Furnas do Guincho is located at a scenic road on the Atlantic shore, with exceptional views, delicious food, and lovely wines.

Having had an evening filled with laughter, good conversations and the guests being in awe when reminiscing about everything they had experienced that day, they were then brought back to the hotel.

After a good night sleep, everyone headed to the airport to return home. A successful and fun 2-day incentive in Lisbon for every attendee!

© Chantalle Laurent Photography


“Lisbon was very nice. The restaurant was fantastic and our guide was also super nice. The wine tasting was amazing, overall a successful event! – International Publising Company – Senior Marketing Manager Customer Engagement


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