Incentive in Marrakech

We organized an incentive to Marrakech for an IT company based in Germany. The aim was to organize an incentive on a special location. The client wanted to create a memorable and active event for all the attendees.

Hence, we organized a memorable corporate event in Marrakech.

Marrakech is known as the red city. This ia s city at the foot of the Atlas mountains and is the ideal starting point for your incentive trip. 

Marrakech is not far from Europe. With a 3,5 hour flight from the Netherlands or Germany you can already get there. Although, it is not far from Europe it still feels like you are in another world, where fun experiences can be found.


Day 1:

The guests were staying in Sofitel Marrakech.

Sofitel Marrakech is a luxury 5-star hotel with a spa. This hotel has a contemporary style, located in the heart of a beautiful garden with views of the Atlas Mountains. This luxury hotel is excellent for the organization of business events and that is one of the reasons why we chose this hotel for this specific event.

On the first welcome evening they had a dinner at the Lotus Privilege restaurant. A lovely romantic restaurant, in the middle of a medina. The restaurant has a very pleasant atmosphere thanks to the Moroccan architecture and the welcoming employees. You feel like you are in a small oasis where you can enjoy excellent food while being entertained by musicians and belly dancers.

Day 2:

The second day of their trip they woke up to a nice breakfast. This was a day full of meetings at the hotel.

In the afternoon the group visited the Jenaa el Fna square. The Jenaa el Fna square is a market and gathering place. In the morning, stall owners set up their stands to sell different products. Here all sorts of entertainment can be found. Once the sun sets, Jemaa el-Fna really comes alive with storytellers, entertainers and artists. Around the square you can find many restaurants that serve traditional moroccan food.

The day ended with a dinner at Dar Soukkar. Dar Soukkar is located not too far from the Royal Palace of Marrakech, it was opened in the building of a 16th century sugar factory, and classified as a historical monument.

Day 3: 

After a full day of meetings the group had a more active day. Starting with an Ipad treasure hunt in the Medina. During this treasure hunt different challenges had to be completed. For example: Grab a taxi within budget, take a picture with a street artist and drink Moroccan tea on a rooftop. All the challenges are typical activities/ traditions from the country.

After this challenging activity the group continued to Nomad. Nomad is a well known rooftop restaurant in Marrakech. Here they ate a nice lunch, while enjoying beautiful views over the city.

After lunch the group had a real Agafay desert experience, driving with quads in Palmeraie.

The restaurant we chose for dinner is the Jad Mahal. This is a highly colourful, festive place that includes a restaurant, a bar and a stage for shows. The decoration is a combination between India and Morocco with wide colourful areas.

By finishing the day with a night out at SO Lounge. This restaurant has a trendy atmosphere and architecture. Every evening, there is a live band and dancers perform. This is the place to be for a drink!

Day 4:

On the fourth day the group went to adventure park Terres d’Amanar. They were able to explore the area through equestrian, pedestrian and mountain bike excursions.

After the different activties in the park they had the chance to enjoy a nice lunch.

The rest of the day the group had free time. A part of the group went back to the hotel to work and others spend time in the city.

Day 5: 

On the day of departure there were still some cool activties to do. The first activity was going to the desert with a jeep. In the desert the group flew over the countryside with hot air balloons. They enjyed the amazing contrast between the town and the surrounding countryside.

After the hot air balloon activity the group went to the airport for their flight back home. All attendees enjoyed their corporate event in Marrakech.

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