Meeting in Oslo – Our client, an airline service company based in the Netherlands, with 35 offices in 23 countries holds an international sales and management meeting every year. Our challenge was to come up with a unique idea in a new destination. 


The airline service company is used to holding their annual sales management meeting abroad, choosing a different country every year. This years choice was Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Not only is this a beautiful city, but it is easily accessible for everyone, having excellent connections from the airport to the city center. Furthermore, it has many great possibilities to hold a meeting, have fun, enjoy a gourmet dinner and cheers to a new year filled with accomplishments. 

The attendees arrived early in the morning at the airport in Oslo, having traveled all the way from various cities across Europe and even Africa and the Middle East.

Usually, a private bus is organized to pick the guests up and bring them to the hotel. But, as mentioned before, the airport is very well connected to the city center with an express train that only takes 20 minutes. They chose to take the train that stops right in front of the Clarion Hub, the hotel they were staying at for the weekend. The hotel is the newest and largest conference hotel in Norway with an impressive number of 810 Scandinavian styled rooms. Many of them offer stunning panoramic views of Oslo, while some come with a terrace or a balcony to enjoy the sunsets in the evening. 

Arrival at the hotel

After having dropped off the luggage and having appeased the hunger at a lovely lunch, they had a short functional meeting to update everyone. However, the main goal was to have fun and network with each other. Therefore, they met at the bar to have drinks, and finally talk face-to-face instead of only hearing the voices through the phone. 

Luckily, the weekend was blessed with nice weather, which is why private bus transportation was not necessary. The guests took a walk to the restaurant to explore the city and get a glimpse of the beautiful architecture and streets of Oslo. Dinner was served at the restaurant Vaaghals, which served delicious gourmet dishes and lovely wines. Thus, a culinary treat for the staff and the clients. A great opportunity to thank them for another wonderful year.

After dinner, they decided to take another short walk to a bar, the Scotsman, to have some more after dinner drinks, play shuffleboard games and finish the day off with some more laughter and fun. The following day, all the guests got to fly back to their home country. A successful weekend, that they will not easily forget.

Other great possibilities in Oslo

This was the end of their annual meeting. However, if you want to read more about other great activities or dinner options, read this blog post of ours. There you can have a memorable dining experience in the Lavvu tents, accompanied by great cocktails. Moreover, the Fjord cruise is a great possibility to hold an extravagant presentation, when sailing over the water with stunning views over Oslo.


  •  Staff for on site event coordination

  •  Hotel contracting

  • Venue sourcing

  • Dinner & after dinner drinks