Virtual events are here to stay, as an extension for a live event (hybrid) or a completely online event. Live, virtual and hybrid events have one thing in common: they are based on human connection and interaction. The power of events comes from interaction with its audience. 

Every virtual event starts with choosing the right setting. This can be at a studio or venue, or at your own location. Then, we can create a custom made environment with livestream, or we can work with your preferred hosting platform. Once we have chosen the setting and platform, the virtual experience design can begin. As an event agency, we help create an engaging, interactive experience, tailored to your needs. 

Virtual events require specialized knowledge. The technology has to be flawless and the message needs to come across well. Creating an engaging experience is a necessity when you design a virtual or hybrid event. Great user experience is at the core of any virtual event.

Our team will brainstorm and propose ideas aligned with your event objectives. Then we will go deeper into the event content and details, to design an inspiring attendee experience with plenty of interaction. EVENTÔIR can take care of everything: from location, equipment, entertainment and catering, to live interaction with the audience.

Adam tower event venue

  • AV technology

  • Entertainment

  • Catering

  • Venue

We help our clients deliver the virtual experience their customers and colleagues needs”


EVENTÔIR can host several astonishing events. To give you an example we are highlighting two of them;

Drive-through event

A Christmas event can be so much more special with the human interaction touch. A Christmas event where you drive through a whole new world.

Think about this: the entire area is decorated in Christmas style: Christmas trees, stalls, rain of lights, a band playing Christmas music and hostesses handing out hot chocolate. In other words, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

A stylish box with fresh ingredients for an exclusive dinner, a luxury wine package, and a goodie bag will be placed in your car. At home, you will be preparing a 3-course or ‘shared dining’ menu with the ingredients provided by your company, accompanied by a famous chef. 

A live streaming session live from the A’DAM tower with dancing the night away from your living room,. From the comfort of each attendees’ home, making it fun and interactive for everyone. 

Virtual wine tasting

A way to experience the best wines. Tasting 6 different wines and learning more about the whole winemaking process. Read more about the Virtual wine tastings.

We are exploring new technologies and alternative activities together and make sure that we all remain connected. This virtual wine tasting experience is very engagement-driven and something unique.

With both of these events we are taking it to the next-level combined with new technologies.


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