Company Trip to Mallorca - Finca Son Termes

Company trip to Mallorca

Company Trip to Mallorca - Finca Son Termes

Company trip to Mallorca


Active Event Program in Mallorca

At the beginning of October, EVENTÔIR had planned a company trip to Mallorca for an affiliate marketing company based in Amsterdam. The trip lasted for three days, with a total of 65 attendees. The weather was fantastic, having an average of 25-30 degrees daily. Our client had asked for a very active program full of team-building activities. He wanted the group to experience unforgettable moments of fun.


For this event, EVENTÔIR arranged flights, transfers, accommodation, activities and on-site event coordination. Mallorca is an incredible destination. It is the most oversized island in the Balearic islands and is in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a lot of untouched nature so that you can enjoy the incredibly picturesque scenery. The east coast is perfect for visiting beaches and caves; the north and the west offer breathtaking mountain views, and the northeast is known for its history. Thus, for every individual, there is something to do.


Iberostar Grand Portals Nous

The company trip to Mallorca started with an afternoon flight from Amsterdam to Palma de Mallorca. After a two-hour flight, the group was transferred to the Iberostar Grand Portals Nous hotel. The most prestigious hotel in Portals Nous, designed by Marcel Wanders, has a spa, an incredible view of the sea, a rooftop swimming pool, a great restaurant, unique suites, and the possibility to host special events. In 2017, the hotel received the Europe Hotel Awards for being the best sustainable hotel in Spain. They got a sustainable architecture and a state-of-the-art design but also offer premium services. This combination made them win this well-deserved award. The attendees had the entire hotel in exclusivity and could, therefore, enjoy every part of this excellent hotel.


After checking in, the attendees received a welcome drink and finger food at the hotel's terrace. Until dinner time, the group had free time to enjoy at the pool or to freshen up and relax a bit before all the fun began. For the first evening, the guests were informed beforehand and were asked to wear an ugly shirt. They got to enjoy a delicious 3-course dinner, during which they played a pub quiz and took part in the ugly t-shirt contest. After dinner, the winner was announced, and the party started with a DJ from Ibiza playing hits. The after-party was on the penthouse terrace until the early hours.


After a good and filling breakfast, which was much needed after this incredible night of partying, the group had a voluntary activity: morning yoga. Next up was an Escape challenge where everyone took part. It was a pirate escape game of logic, testing, and solving puzzles. The game had a pirate theme, so all the puzzles were made in a pirate style. One example of a challenge was that they got a quest in a bottle hidden on the beach. The clue to this was at the bottom of the pool. For this, the group was divided into teams of 4 people. The groups were very competitive in winning this dynamic game. The team that got to solve every level of this game the fastest was the winning team.


After the escape challenge, the group got some time to themselves to refresh and also eat the lunch box that each one of them received after the energy-draining game. Further, the group went to Palma de Mallorca by bus transfer. Here they had free time to see the city. We recommended places like tapas bars, rooftop bars and where they could get typical food from Mallorca.


Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Spanish Island. It is located in a bay and has excellent weather all year round. With its many cute cafes, restaurants, monuments, beaches, coves and an attractive historic quarter, there is always much to do. The group was asked to be back at the port of Palma de Mallorca at a particular time. There they hopped on a boat for an exclusive party. On the boat, the guests enjoyed a bar and a DJ, and they danced the night away. The boat brought them back to Puerto Portals, nearby the hotel.


Puerto Portals

Puerto Portals is known to be the most prestigious nautical and leisure complex of the Mediterranean. It is a place where you can find a plethora of luxury yachts, high-class restaurants, and all the international designer brands your heart desires. The group was surprised by a gastronomic market that had different food stations, for instance, a barbeque and an ice cream station. The DJ from the night before was present again, playing music during the evening. This created a nice atmosphere for the guests. They could further decide if they wanted to go to a club for a night out. Even though this was a voluntary activity, most of the attendees went to the club. Transfers were again arranged to bring the guests back and forth.


Jeep Rally

After this successful night out, the crowd needed a great hangover breakfast. They were able to pick their breakfast choices from an extensive buffet. By 12, everyone checked out because a new activity was on the planning, which was the jeep rally. It was a very cool and active activity. Again, the group was divided into teams; every team got a jeep. The jeep had snacks and water; they could connect their phones to listen to music. The jeep rally had four challenges during the route, which were called stone pyramid, pipeline, labyrinth, archery, and a scavenger hunt. The team that completed all the activities the fastest was the winner.


With said jeeps, they drove to their last destination, Finca Son Termes. It is a fabulous venue with a lot of history. This place was founded by Oliver de Termes, a Knight of King Jaime I. In the 13th century, he took part in the conquest of Mallorca. Ever since it has been a landmark of the culture and cuisine of Mallorca. It has a capacity of 10 to 2000 guests and provides amazing catering services. In Finca Son Termes, they took place in a paella workshop and they also had an award show. The paella workshop was a huge success, which was the last fun activity they did before the group was transferred back to the hotel, pick up their luggage and head back home. It was an amazing company trip to Mallorca and we got a lot of great feedback. We always recommend Mallorca for a company trip because of its variety and possibilities to have fun activities.


"We appreciate your hard work put into this trip. It is the best one so far! It was nothing but a pleasure working with you” – Marketing company – VP Marketing & Communications