Dinner In The Sky

Dinner In The Sky In Belgium

A company based in Belgium planned to invite their best customers in 2019 to reward them for their efforts.

Therefore, EVENTÔIR was hired to organize a unique and once in a lifetime experience in Belgium. The event had to be prestigious, as the invitees are highly regarded customers. 


Plan of the day:

First, the company had presentations planned. These had to be followed by an activity and a delicious lunch. EVENTÔIR was asked to plan a daring activity, like skydiving. Hence, for this prestigious event, we came up with the idea of Dinner in the Sky:

In 2006 Hakuna Matata, a communication agency joined forces with The Fun Company, specialized in amusement park installations, to turn their ultimate dream into reality: having dinner in the sky. This special event is called Dinner in the Sky, where about 10 Michelin Star Chefs get to show their culinary skills, while the guests cannot just enjoy top quality food but also the most amazing views. This is due to the fact that the table is suspended around 30 meters in the air.

Over the years many events have been organized, not just in Belgium and other European countries but also in Australia, Japan, Brazil, the United States, and China. Each of these events was unique in their own way, but each offered an incredible dinner. The most famous star chefs prepare delicious and exclusive dishes, such as Pierre Gagnaire, Alain Passard, Heston Blumenthal and Dani Garcia, to mention a few, while flying over the most magical locations ever. Over the years Dinner in the Sky has been a huge success everywhere in the world and has received great reviews from the world’s leading media and various awards for its original concept.

The dining experience

Having lunch at this breathtaking spot was a great success. It was an extraordinary way to gather the company´s best customers, give them the best culinary experience combined with unforgettable moments they will be talking about for years.

The key to the success of this event is exclusivity and safety. In these modern times, people want to experience something extraordinary. Dinner in the Sky strives to give its clients the most exclusive experiences imaginable but naturally in a safe manner. For example a wedding above the Grand Canyon or the Venice Lagoon, a top quality dinner in the sky above Paris or a business meeting above the City of London. Whatever the dream, Dinner in the Sky can make it happen. The steel construction of Dinner in the Sky complies with the requirements of the Standard 4112 edition from 1983 and therefore this event is now operating in more than 45 countries in the world, offering a unique experience.

Dinner in the Sky is part of Events in the Sky, which continues to innovate in order to develop many great concepts so people can make their dream come true. An example of this innovation is Meeting in the Sky, which was launched four years ago. Thanks to this, event companies have the opportunity to organize a product presentation, conference or business meeting in the sky for a maximum of 30 people.

© Chantalle Laurent Photography


The organization was perfect, thank you! We had a really nice time and I got very positive feedbacks from the customers. They truly loved the experience thanks to it being something unusual and the menu being prestigious.” – Product manager